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Using 75 red linear LED pixels, each 
individually adjusted and mounted to 2.3 meter tall steel rods by hand to render the hearts image from the correct distance and angle, this art installation makes a visual statement. Let there be love from any angle. The world needs more of this. Long live art.. and love !!!  
  • Light Loves collection by GNI Projects @ Luminale, Frankfurt Germany, 2011.

2 problems solved: a pitched roof adorn + a new home for the family of the project architect, Ulla Hell. 
The result, an innovative "skin" or covering that leads to interstitial indoor-outdoor spaces. In this project, the existing under-utilized roof space gives way to an angular crown, connected to a ground floor reception space and architectural office by the host’s renovated spine. 
Interstitial spaces between the exterior walls and 
wooden bands swell at ground level to offer sheltered outdoor living spaces. The most spectacular view of this home is a skylit corridorThis opening delivers an immediate reading of exterior weather conditions, 
collecting precipitation and receiving direct sunlight.  

  • Paramount Alma / Plasma Studio by Ulla Hell,Eva Castro, Holger Kehne @ South Tyrol, Italy 2012.

A sober minimalistic lighting approach is presented to you here in the interiors of this small Olympic Hall where custom-made, minimal suspended lighting systems welcome the visitors. A sort of blue-purple ambiance is created thanks to the light surface materials, the concrete which is partially painted in original “Olympic” colors & a black screened floor.  The suspended lighting system consists of dimmable T5s, housed in a highly polished aluminum profile. Interesting, uuh..?
Yet, what's really alluring about this lighting design is how it changes from parallelism into a more free arrangement. The arbitrariness of the lamps gives a futuristic touch which adds volume and sensation. Colors and different daylight conditions are being reflected in the polished profiles, depending on the position of the viewer.
  • Lighting design in Small Olympic Hall by Pfarré Lighting Gesign @ Munich, Germany. 2011.  

1,2,3,4.. SEAT IN COLOR
What about sitting on a colored surface with colors that you choose? Well, this chair is made up of four segments of wood, two for the back and two for the seat, meaning it can easily be taken apart and reassembled in different color combinations. Since the chair can be acquired in multiple colors and is so easy to disassemble and reassemble people will be capable for creating their own hybrid designs by recombining their colors of choice. 
Good work..color is life !!!
  • Moulded Plywood Chair by KiBiSi, 2010 @ Shangai Expo.
Dare to bring color into a monochromatic space with a bold geometric shape placed in the wall like this interior view. A blue polygon clearly makes the space more funky & juvenile with the mix of raw concrete on the wall in contrast with the polished floor. Dare to be bold & different yet simple with your interiors !!!