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Lot 176 is a residence with a carved out two story volume in the centre to allow light and ventilation to all interior spaces. The carved interior  provides an internal focus visually and functionally. It is largely opened on the short access to allow views out of site with the living level utilising sliding screens to opening the interior completely to the exterior. 
In this house, light and the immediate landscape transform into  invite guests with the use of wood panels, as they enter through. The inside and outside are united by seamless transitions and the consistent use of a restrained palette of materials: timber, zinc and self-finished oxide renders.
  • Lot 176, Elysium by Richard Kirk Architect @ Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Light has become an increasing source of inspiration for artists, designers and product developers, who are harnessing cutting-edge scientific and technological developments to produce amazing results. Like this chair, strung with 200 meters of electroluminescent wire to shine, when powered, in a rainbow of color. It can also be switched to a flash/pulse mode for a disco-style lighting effect. Makes me feel like dancing disco around it welcoming you to the future.. 
  • Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom, July 2010.