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A sober minimalistic lighting approach is presented to you here in the interiors of this small Olympic Hall where custom-made, minimal suspended lighting systems welcome the visitors. A sort of blue-purple ambiance is created thanks to the light surface materials, the concrete which is partially painted in original “Olympic” colors & a black screened floor.  The suspended lighting system consists of dimmable T5s, housed in a highly polished aluminum profile. Interesting, uuh..?
Yet, what's really alluring about this lighting design is how it changes from parallelism into a more free arrangement. The arbitrariness of the lamps gives a futuristic touch which adds volume and sensation. Colors and different daylight conditions are being reflected in the polished profiles, depending on the position of the viewer.
  • Lighting design in Small Olympic Hall by Pfarré Lighting Gesign @ Munich, Germany. 2011.  


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